Everything you need to know about an antenuptial contract and how to approach the topic with your partner

By |23 October 2023|

When you're planning to tie the knot, the last thing you should consider is the possibility of your marriage ending. However, considering an antenuptial Contract (ANC) is a responsible and essential step for couples getting [...]

Pagel Schulenburg Succeeds in an Application for a Declaratory Order That the Signed Will of a Deceased Individual Be Revoked

By |15 August 2023|

Hannes Roos v Pearl Saaiman N.O. and Others Case no: 19759/16 In the above matter, Pagel Schulenburg succeeded in an application for a declaratory order that the signed will of a deceased individual be revoked [...]

Understanding Early Termination of Lease Agreements: Legal Rights and Obligations of Landlords and Tenants

By |14 June 2023|

Lease agreements are a common aspect of the rental market in South Africa, providing a legal framework for the relationship between landlords and tenants. However, circumstances may arise that necessitate the early termination of a [...]

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