Professionalism is at the core of everything we do

With a formidable team of leading attorneys whose expertise covers all facets of the legal world, Pagel Schulenburg Inc. has just the attorney to handle your specific matter.

At Pagel Schulenburg, we work within practice groupings aligned to our respective areas of expertise and possess the wealth of knowledge and experience required to provide dependable legal guidance. We always seek to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s specific legal objectives and provide end-to-end legal support as a result of seamless collaboration between our departments.

Our services can be grouped into three broad spheres of law: Commercial Law, Conveyancing and Litigation.

Commercial Law encompasses a wide range of issues from transactional law and contract drafting to company registrations and business structuring. Our commercial practice is well developed and we provide a wide variety of commercial legal services to our clients. Such services include, but are not limited to, risk assessment, commercial legal advice, the formation of companies and partnerships and the drafting of all types of commercial contracts and legal documents. 

Conveyancing is a division of law that oversees the transfer of ownership rights for immovable property. Conveyancing attorneys help facilitate this transfer and help you procure all documentation and the contracts you need to ensure a successful transfer. Our conveyancing department also offers notarial services.

Litigation is the process of going to court in order to assist a private party or legal entity with a claim that they may have against another. It is by its very nature adversarial. We aim to provide logical and practical strategies which assist in resolving disputes and serving our clients’ best interests. Our litigation practice is well-developed and covers both Magistrate’s and High Court matters all over South Africa and abroad.