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Estate planning is the most important aspect to structuring an individual’s affairs. We advise clients on the best solutions in order to protect their assets and ensure that estate duty is kept at a minimum when drafting their last Will and Testament. Our firm assists clients in the creation of trusts, whether it be inter vivos or testamentary, and also provides administrative guidance and advice.

Our litigation department can also assist in the interpretation of Wills and other legal issues that arise after a person’s death, such as disputes regarding the validity of a Will.

Our Estates & Trusts services include:

  • Advice on estate planning
  • Registration and administration of testamentary and inter vivos trusts
  • Preparation of wills and deeds of trust
  • Winding up of deceased estates
  • Administration of clients’ personal affairs
  • Preparation of antenuptial contracts
  • Curatorship appointments

Our Estates & Trusts Legal Team

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