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We work closely with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that distressed companies are restructured, placed into business rescue or liquidated. Our Insolvency, Business Rescue & Restructuring team has a vast knowledge of the legislation and the manner in which business rescue proceedings are implemented, including the manner in which companies should file for business rescue proceedings, the appointment of business rescue practitioners and the duties and liabilities of all parties involved. When liquidation is the only solution, we provide forthright advice to attain a commercially acceptable solution whether you are a creditor, lender, company, director or shareholder.

Our Insolvency, Business Rescue & Restructuring services include:

  • Instituting business rescue proceedings
  • Liquidation or sequestration applications
  • Conducting forensic investigations and convening enquiries
  • Corporate restructuring for entities

Our Insolvency, Business Rescue & Restructuring Legal Team

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To business rescue or not to business rescue

Although the practice of implementing a turnaround strategy (business rescue) has been widely used in South Africa, business rescue was only formalised in Chapter 6 of the “New” Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008 (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”). As business rescue is still a fairly new concept within the South African legal system, it is being developed and redefined on a continual basis.

By |3 May 2018|

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