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Whether an employee requires advice regarding his rights or an employer seeks assistance with upholding South African employment standards to the benefit of employees, we will advise on all aspects of employment law.

We will advise on any aspect pertaining to labour legislation, such as employment and dismissals (including retrenchments) or aspects involving commercial transactions or pension funds.

Our Labour Law services inter alia include:

  • Creating letters of employment and contracts of employment (executive, standard, fixed term and temporary)
  • Drafting restraints of trade and confidentiality agreements
  • Drafting independent contractor agreements
  • Contesting contracts of employment that are in violation of basic labour laws and employee rights
  • Representation at disciplinary hearings
  • Conciliation, mediation and arbitration
  • Dealing with unfair labour practices, including health and safety violations, leave violations, retrenchments, and working hours violations
  • Contesting constructive and unfair dismissals
  • Representation at the CCMA, bargaining councils and Labour Court
  • Allegations of discrimination based on gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation, etc.
  • Allegations of sexual harassment
  • Drafting employment policies, manuals and codes in line with South African labour law and legislation
  • Drafting opinions in respect of labour legislation and case law
  • Employment transfers in terms of Section 197 and 197A of the Labour Relations Act
  • Negotiations of disputes
  • Drafting and implementing employee share option schemes and plans
  • Dealing with breach of restraint of trade undertakings, unlawful competition and confidentiality provisions

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