Competition Law aims to maintain a balance within market competition and prevents “anti-competitive” behaviour. This field is regulated by inter alia the Competition Act, which was implemented to ensure fairness within the South African economy.

We also assist clients in protecting themselves against corporate or industrial espionage, which involves the illegal theft or recording of business trade secrets for use by a competitor to achieve a competitive advantage. Issues of unfair competition can have serious ramifications for companies and we assist in identifying risks, evaluating rights and enforcing fairness.

Our Competition Law services include:

  • Dealing with breach of restraint of trade undertakings, unlawful competition and confidentiality provisions
  • Anton Piller Applications
  • Dealing with all aspects of the Competition Act, including ensuring compliance
  • Advising clients and guiding them through investigation proceedings and hearings
  • Initiating, defending, or advising on compliance proceedings before the Commission
  • Advising on and referring matters to the Competition Tribunal
  • Appeals at the Competition Appeal Court
  • Dealing with damages actions based on anti-competitive conduct
  • Leniency applications and negotiating settlements

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