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We render the highest quality commercial legal advice to a broad range of domestic and multi-national clients. Our department, comprising experienced and practical attorneys, are ready to assist you with commercial contracts and corporate advisory services.

Commercial contracts are relied upon to define and clarify almost all business relationships. We are able to provide consultation, advice and recommendations to support our clients’ day-to-day strategic business activities. We help to protect our clients and their businesses from any potential hazards that may occur in an ever-changing business world.

Our expert experience extends beyond transactional work, and we also assist our clients through every stage of an organisation’s life cycle. Organisations, across all sectors, are facing increasingly complex compliance challenges, which may expose them to reputational risks and, in some cases, civil and criminal liability. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they meet all of the legal and regulatory requirements relevant to their organisation. This ensures their protection and the safety of their organisation.

The last few years have also brought about an increased focus on good corporate governance both from the authoritative legislator and the greater investment community. Establishing and maintaining good corporate governance is a key part of preserving any business operation and reputation.

Our team of experts can assist our clients in keeping abreast of the best practices available, by providing tailored and practical advice to their board on the appropriate implementation within the context of their business. We also provide company secretarial services which, in turn, assist in supporting the administrative and compliance requirements of an organisation or in closing a deal.

Our Commercial Law services include:

  • Negotiating, implementing and interpreting any agreements that are commercial in nature
  • Structuring transactions (e.g. share sales, sale of businesses and assets)
  • Advising on appropriate forms of business enterprises for transactions
  • Structuring and advising on mergers, acquisitions and takeovers
  • Advising on appropriate corporate structures and forms of business enterprise
  • Incorporation of juristic entities (including all trusts)
  • Advising on legislative implications for commercial transactions, including tax implications to the extent that it is incidental to the other advice being provided
  • Conducting due diligence and legal forensic investigations and producing reports
  • Drafting all contracts and legal documentation for commercial contracts such as sale agreements, leases, partnerships, joint ventures and shareholders agreements
  • Drafting of corporate documentation including memorandum of incorporations, company resolutions etc
  • Providing commercial advice relating to corporate governance and BBBEE transactions

Our Commercial Law Legal Team

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